Exxon Valdez Oil Spill Facts – The Reality of It

Many might be asking – what is this Exxon Valdez all about? It has been said that there are now modifications in terms of ownership and name. It was the time when the tanker has been converted to the hauling of a bulk of ore. This is true in the South Chinese Sea. A collision may be followed in here. This is true as far as the cargo ship is concerned. This occurred way back November 2012. There was this ore carrier which was sold. Again, after that, it was renamed, and then the scraps were resold to India. These would always be included in most Exxon Valdez oil spill facts.

In the dispute of a court, the ship may be prevented from reaching India. This was resolved when permission was granted by the Supreme Court of India. All of these boil down to one question – how did the accident take place?

Investigation was done by the National Transportation Safety Board in this juncture. The accident was meant to determine probable courses for the ground. What are these?

  1. There was failure on the third mate which was supposedly intended to maneuvering the vessel. This might have bought by excessive workload and fatigue.
  2. The failure of such master was meant to provide a real watch to proper navigation. This occurred because of the impairment coming from alcohol.
  3. There was also failure in the Exxon Shipping Company most especially in the supervision of master in the providing of rested and even sufficient crew for that of Exxon Valdez.
  4. The U.S Coast Guard was not able to effectively provide a vessel traffic system.
  5. There was said to be a lack of effective pilot, and even that of escort services. These too may be observed.

To sum all up – it was in March 23, 2918 when the Exxon Valdez departed starting from the so called Trans Alaska Pipeline terminal. It was William Murphy, a pilot, an expert, who was hired for the maneuvering of the mentioned 986-foot vessel to take place. This occurred through many Valdez Narrows. This was responsible in controlling the wheelhouse itself. At the side, the captain of the vessel, who were then Joe Hazelwood, and even Helmsman Harry Claar who had to pass the steering. After such passing happened with Valdez Narrows, the pilot had to leave the vessel. This was the time when Captain Hazelwood took the initiative in taking over the wheelhouse. From there, the Exxon Valdez stumbled upon icebergs involving the shipping lanes. It was Captain Hazelwood who offered and provided Claar in taking the Exxon Valdez from the shipping lanes. This was the time they went around the icebergs. The control of the wheelhouse was then controlled over. This happened with the Third mate Gregory present. They come with precise instruction in order for the turning back of most shipping lanes to occur or take place. It was the time when the tanker suddenly reached a particular point.